“Andrew Bear” is a rock band from Ukraine existing since 2013. Nowadays the leader and songwrtiter of the band, Andrew Medwed, is based in Berlin, Germany, where he moved in 2016.

“Andrew Bear” is full-time DIY project. All booking, advertisement and promotional work Andrew is doing by himself with a help of the rest of the band. They have no label, booking-agency, sponsors etc., and all the gigs, recordings and other stuff is a merit of the guys and friendly fan base which was developed during these last 3 years of touring in all parts of European continent.

They already made 4 huge European trips with around 200 shows in 17 European countries, released 2 Long Plays and 1 EP, made 5 official videos, tour documentary, tons of live performances and developed a self-made music network in Europe.

Release Radar:

September 2013 – “Free Man” LP

February 2014 – “Garage Sessions” EP

December 2015 – “Lightness” LP

It’s all started like a studio project of a drummer which was well known in his own country and played in punk, emo and rock bands since he was 15. Andrew was always a big part of song- and lyric writing in his bands, but finally he decided to went solo, grabbed the guitar and started to sing. Didn’t thinking too much about the name of the project, he defined it as simple as it could be – by his own name. That’s why the first two years he released music under the “Andrew Medwed” label, but in 2015 the second part of the name was actually translated to English and became more simple and understandable to an international eye and ear – “Andrew Bear”. 

September 20, 2013 was the day when the guy’s debut album, “Free Man”, came out. The whole plate was recorded and produced by Andrew and his helpful musician friends in already inexistent studio in Kharkov, Ukraine. Before that he putted out the debut single, “Falling Down Blues”, which was well viewed on YouTube, so it gave some power and faith to the whole thing.

Shortly after this time Andrew formed a duo with his old friend Serj, asked him to join the project on the second guitar. They did couple trial gigs in Ukraine, Russia and Belorussia performing acoustic versions of the songs together. Shows went well, but Andrew understood that he’s missing the drums in his own band and asked his ex-girlfriend Ksu to be a rhythmic part of the team.

With her “Megan White-style” of playing the crew recorded “Garage Sessions” EP which went out in February 2014. And after one month they jumped in the van and did their first European “Beer’n’Bears” tour which was lasted 2 months and included 40 shows from Poland to Italy.

In autumn 2014 after a short brake Andrew went to second European tour, named “Maverick”. For 2 months as well guys were exploring the south part of Europe –France, Spain, Portugal etc. Also they finally formed a solid classical rock quartet with a bass player, which gave the band more powerful sound.

Returning home guys started to work with the new album with the new drummer and bass player. The idea behind the recording was to make it as much “live-and-honest” as they could, so the band went to Saint-Petersburg to have fun in suitable studio. 7 days of non-stop live takes and the first part of job was done. Because of 60’s style of tracking guys achieved their main goals – integrity and harsh sound.

Then album went to hands of Alex Karelin, famous Russian sound producer. He made his job and finally in the 8th of December 2015 “Lightness” was released.

By this time “Andrew Bear” already dropped the first single from upcoming album. The song “Divine” had really warm welcoming in musical press and was mentioned in certain music magazines and blogs in Ukraine, Russia, Europe and US. Fans also appreciated the new look and the new sound of the band.

Followed first Ukrainian tour in the end of December 2015 was a nice week to present and promote their album in the native country. Since April till June 2016 they were on the 22000 km long road in Europe again to make 52 shows in 70 days. The whole story called “Lightness Tour, pt. 1” and made a huge impact to the band position in DIY-scene in Europe.

Immediately after Andrew moved to Berlin for a living since all 3 other pieces of the band stayed in Ukraine. During the last year he was quite busy with managing his personal life in the new place, but guys still played couple summer festivals in Ukraine and in the end of 2017 made their 4th European trip, lasted “only” 1 month. In terms of “Andrew Bear” “Lightness tour, pt. 2” was the shortest and easiest track in their history.

The 2018 started and it’s a lot of new things happening now. Andrew is based in Berlin and making the first studio. Serj is coming to German capital to help and start to record the 3rd album in the new space. So the whole present year will be dedicated to producing and recording the new plate, shooting new videos and forming the final Berlin line-up of the band.