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Hey guys. We are Andrew Bear and we are looking for a label to release our second album. Simple as that. This page is invisible on our website and we especially created it to present the pieces of our new music and videos to A&R’s departments of companies that we are willing to work with. There is no point for long read biography here, we want just to say couple main things that are matters.

  • Since 2014 we are touring the whole Europe, fully DIY, fully equipped and self-booked, playing club gigs, festivals etc.

  • We moved from Ukraine to Berlin to do a step forward, so now we are Berlin based band with a studio in the beautiful eastern part of the town.

  • All of us are around 30 y.o., experienced and wild musicians with “Get in The Van” philosophy, open and dedicated guys finally decided to find a proper people to collaborate with.

  • Below you can see the teaser and hear the song which will open our second album. Just for you to know before, stylistically it’s a massive rock with a big horn section, keys, prog elements etc., but with quite “pop” approach to songwriting. However, it’s always better to check by yourself, right?

  • Album will contain 8 more songs. They are already recorded, edited and now on a mixing stage. The vinyl artwork, new merch, posters and the whole release design is also in progress, we have a great artist taking care about it.

  • That’s basically it in two words. We would love to hear from you, anywhere you like it more:

Here is new video, “Heaven”

We chose this song to be a first single.

Here is the full song

And here is another new one, called “Woman”

Tour History

Well, we had a lot of fun already. But it’s just a start. Longest trip we did was 2,5 months with 50+ shows which we quite proud about. Click on each poster to check the details.

To discover more deeply our story, previous releases and so on please don’t hesitate to go through website.

If you guys liked what you just heard and saw, you want to know more details about the upcoming album and you started to think that we might be the new thing for you, please get in touch.

Looking forward, sincerely

Andrew Bear